Creating Healthy Smiles To Last A Lifetime!

A child’s first visit to the dentist sets the stage for lifelong oral health. Our goal at Great Lakes Dental is to make happy and healthy smiles a reality for our patients. We do this in a fun and relaxed environment that puts you and your child at ease.

The main goal is to have a fun and easy dental visit with your child and to introduce him or her to our dental clinic. Tell your child about the visit, but don’t get into detail. Let Dr. Thomm answer his or her questions about the visit and the tools and technology used in dentistry. We use kid-friendly terms to explain procedures so that your child isn’t frightened and learns to view a visit to the dentist as a good experience.

Try not to pass on your fears by telling about any unpleasant experience you have had in the past. Dentistry has changed and is more sensitive to patient needs – particularly the needs of children. Children are not born with a fear of the dentist, but their fears may stem from the “unknown” or the thought of being separated from a parent during treatment. We can help set them at ease.

Please remember to bring a list of your child’s medication with you at appointment time. Please call us today at 519-542-3427 to book your child dental appointment.

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